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Wire Lights for Quick Decor

Sometimes, adding a little sparkle and light can make an otherwise dreary day a bit more magical. And around this time of year, some extra twinkle is always appreciated.

Are you in need of some quick decor for a holiday get together? Is just setting a few ornaments around not cutting it? Try to inject some sparkle with some copper wire lights. They are battery operated, so you can use them in random places that don’t have a plug nearby. These options from Amazon work great, and they’re cheap to boot:

SuperNight Copper LED Strings ($6.05)

Rtgs Micro LED Lights ($6.25)

Here’s a few quick decor ideas to get you started:

Wire Lights in Jar with Ornaments |

Fill a large glass canister with wire lights and ornaments. Start by putting the battery pack at the bottom of the jar. Let some of the wire lights hang out down there, but have the majority pulled up out of the jar. Fill the jar about 1/4 of the way with ornaments. Shove some more lights down in the jar, and fill again. Repeat until you have all the ornaments and lights in the jar. Oh, don’t forget to turn the batter pack on before it’s blocked by all the ornaments!

Wire Lights under Tinsel |

Arrange a string of wire lights under shiny tinsel to create a low-light atmosphere in small spaces.

Wire Lights with Garland |

Do you have somewhere you’d like to place lit garland, but there’s not an electrical outlet to be seen around it? Just use wire lights wrapped around the garland. You can easily tuck the batter pack under or behind some garland to keep it looking clean.

Lights on Window Sill with Garland |

For some extra sparkle in a window sill, try arranging tinsel, ornaments, and other shiny accoutrements (which can also be sourced from the dollar store) in a pleasing display.

Wire Lights on Window Sill |

Add a string of wire lights to the mix, and you just injected your abode with some holiday cheer.

You don’t have to store these lights away once the holidays are over. On warm summer evenings (remember those?) tuck them into mason jars to set around on the patio. You can also wrap them around bare branches in a centerpiece. And of course, they’re perfect for weddings.

Happy Holiday Decorating!

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