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Affordable Boots for Fall

Don’t you just love getting your boots back out after a long, hot summer? I usually swap my seasonal shoes out twice a year, and those not being used get stored under my bed in a container. I always love getting back to my boots. And it seems like I always find a reason to swap an old pair out for a new (or just add a new pair into the mix). Since I’ve been browsing the web for some new mid-calf boots, I thought I’d share the affordable boot finds I turned up.


Report Harmoni Tall Leather Boot – $49.97

Report Harmoni Leather Boot |
That’s a killer price for a leather boot. Sold by Nordstrom Rack, and there’s still a decent size selection. The soles might not last threw more than a couple seasons, but at that price, that’s ok.


Bella Vita Peep Toe Bootie – $89.95

Bella Vita Peep Toe Booties |

If I was better at heels I’d buy these in a heartbeat. Not the most sensible bootie for cooler weather, but these are one of those “who cares” pairs of shoes. They’re a bit on the pricey side at 90 dollars, not really affordable, but they ship and return free to Nordstrom, so you can order and try them without hesitation. Lots of colors to choose from.


Manas Tronchetto Mid Boot – $119.97 ($236)


Manas Tronchetto Mid Boot |

I couldn’t resist, I had to order a pair of these. Now THESE boots will last for several seasons. So while they’re north of $100, you should most definitely get a lot of bang for the buck. Now I can mark that mid-calf boot off my list.


Sperry Top-Sider Shorebird Rubber Boot – $77.95

Sperry Top-Sider Shorebird |
Wellies inspired by the English country side. These look like the rain boots a well-to-do woman who rides dressage would wear. If that price is north of what you’d like to pay, Target has some fun rain boots right now at a much lower price point.


Mossimo® Estella Wedge Booties – $29.99-$34.99

Mossimo® Estella Wedge Booties |

Wedge booties always seem to make legs look longer, and my shorter legs need all the help they can get! These are from Target, and currently they are running a BOGO 50% off sale on all shoes.


Diba Pilot Buckle Bootie – $59.95

Diba Pilot Buckle Bootie |
These draw inspiration from the Victoria era, when shoes were laced, simply because the zipper wasn’t around.


Noelle Short Boot – $29.99 ($44.99)

Noelle Short Boot |
With very thin soles, these will not be the best boots to wear in wet weather. But that bright red color sure is fun, and perfect for the holidays! This boot is sold by Payless, and comes in 7 different colors.

Author: Sarah

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