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Tie Rack Jewelry Holder

Recently I was on the search for an affordable way to display my jewelry, preferably in my closet so I could have access to it as I was getting dressed. Searches on Amazon, Etsy, and elsewhere were fruitless.

Then at a local store, while actually buying clothes hangers (doesn’t it seem like there’s usually too many hangers?), I spotted a hanging tie and belt rack. Perfect!

Tie Rack Jewelry Holder on

Just hang this tie rack jewelry holder right along with your clothing in your closet, if there’s room! The rack swivels, so you can easily flip from one side to another to peruse your jewelry collection. So simple, but I love having my jewelry displayed and easily accessible. It allows pieces of jewelry that might sometimes get lost in the mix to finally see the light of day.

Tie Rack Jewelry Holder in the closet on

One warning, if you push your clothes too quickly into the rack with earrings on it, that low rumble you hear might just be an earring avalanche. Best to keep a rack full of your necklaces between your earrings and clothing.

If you’re looking for a quick, simple jewelry storage fix, give this a try!

Author: Sarah

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  • amanda salora

    Simply hook this onto your closet rod to keep of your favorite ties easy to grab.