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Stitch Fix Review #2

This is the second such review of Stitch Fix here on The Pretty Guinea Pig. My first review was of a winter shipment, and involved long sleeves, sweaters,a scarf, and jeans. This time around, spring is in the air. Tanks, a tank dress, still some jeans, and a pretty necklace.

As always, my shipment came nicely packaged, with a personalized note from my French Stylist Isabelle (seriously). It’s really fun to pull each product out of the box to “ooh” and “aah” over. This box was no exception. I always feel a bit deflated when I see the prices on the products, but I’m sure those high retail prices are part of Stitch Fix’s capital equation. We’ve all got to make money.

Let’s dive in to my second Stitch Fix Review


CC Galen Racerback Polka Dot Dress – $78

CC Galen Racerback Polka Dot Dress - part of a Stitch Fix review on

How darling is this dress? Unfortunately, it didn’t fit the top half of my petite torso well, but I could see this looking great on a taller, more slender gal. The color is beautiful for spring, and it actually didn’t translate very well on camera. It’s more of a true, bright green, rather than the mint you’re seeing. The price on this dress actually feels just about right to me. Yes, it would be nicer if it were on sale, but this is a typical department store price. Alas, this one had to go back.

Galen Racerback Polka Dot Dress material


AV Max Kokomo Branch Bar Necklace – $62

AV Max Kokomo Branch Bar Necklace - part of a Stitch fix review on

Now this, I felt, was overpriced. As pretty as it is, $62 is WAY too steep for me. This style is popular right now, and you can find something very similar on Etsy for a lot less. Pretty piece, but passed on it.


41 Hawthorne Amani Cowl Neck Sleeveless Blouse – $48

4Hawthorne Amani Cowl Neck Blouse - part of a Stitch Fix Review on

Another pretty piece. I love the deep purple/blue color of this top. It was really comfortable, and draped well, but these shirts are pretty easy to come by, and at a better price. One feature about this shirt that I really appreciated was a heavy charm that was sewn to the center of the cowl neck that kept it weighted down. That’s a clever feature. Due to my budget though, I had to return this one.

4Hawthorne Amani Cowl Neck Blouse charm



C. Luce Adaline Geo Print Mixed Material Tank – $58

Adaline Geo Print Mixed Material Tank - part of a Stitch Fix Review on

Yes, I’m standing in front of a dumpster. Hey, I needed something to prop my camera on, and the recycling bin across the way was perfect! Let’s call this industrial chic. Anyway, I love the tank I’m wearing in the picture above. There are a couple fit issues, but nothing I can’t work with. I’m pretty sure the tank is supposed to hang straight, but my hips won’t allow that to happen. It actually fits my smaller shoulders up top. And I love the colors and style. Didn’t love the price, but I bit the bullet. This one is a keeper!


Kensie Jeans Johnny Skinny Jeans – $88

Kensie Jeans Johnny Skinny Jean - part of a Stitch Fix review on

Another keeper, just based on how comfy these jeans are. Plus they have enough stretch to avoid that annoying gap that can happen at the back of the waistband on jeans! Price is pretty typical of department store denim, which is where you can find Kensie Jeans (like at Nordstrom, or even Amazon). I won’t be wearing these that much more this season, it gets too hot in my neck of the woods. But come cooler weather later this year these will see A LOT of wear with boots.

After my 2 items purchased my grand total was $146. Ouch. The way I normally shop (catching sales, going to discount stores like TJ Maxx and Ross), I can buy a lot more with $150. But with Stitch Fix, you are automatically charged $20 just to get your fix, which is then applied as a credit to your purchase (as long as you purchase something out of your fix), so it only makes sense to purchase at least one thing.

The convenience of Stitch Fix can’t be beat. Your stylist truly does try to send you items she thinks you’ll like, and that will fit you. It’s a process though, and it will likely take several Fixes before I get a shipment of clothing that fits like a glove. In the meantime, it’s just fun opening these packages and seeing what goodies await!

Stitch Fix Outfit on

*All links to Stitch Fix in this post are personal referral links, which means I will get credit with Stitch Fix if you sign up and receive a Fix. If you prefer to just go directly to Stitch Fix and not through a referral, here’s the direct link!

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