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DIY Terrarium


DIY Terrarium on

Tips for making your very own open terrarium (and keeping it alive!)…

  1. Build your DIY terrarium in a transparent container (like glass), so light can pass through it.
  2. Make sure the container opening is wide enough to easily work in.
  3. Make sure the plants you select have similar needs (don’t plant succulents with ferns, they have different water requirements).
  4. Thoroughly clean your terrarium container before use. Just a good rinse in hot water and drying with paper towel is enough.
  5. Use clean rock (no rocks picked out of your backyard, don’t invite bacteria to the party!) for the base. Or use glass gems.
  6. You can find dry, or dead moss, plus soil that drains well, and the plants at a local nursery.
  7. Don’t over water! Water weekly, or every other week, using a dropper or spray bottle.
  8. Add little keepsakes to personalize your terrarium.

For more  in-depth information on terrariums check out these two sites:

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