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DIY Nesting Baby Shower Favor

Holy newborn! I’m quite sure this has to do with my age, but there is a baby BOOM going on among my group of friends right now. In the past week two of my girlfriends have had babies (congrats girls!), and I have another friend due in early June, and another one due in July. Plus there are whisperings among other friends of possibly pregnancies. And a lot of babies means A LOT of baby showers.

A few friends and I threw one just a few Sunday’s ago. Yes, this was the same shower that I had to brush up on my paper pom pom skills for. Anyhoo, one of the themes we chose for the shower was “nesting”, since that’s what pregnant women tend to do when leading up to birth. You can get pretty creative with this theme. From “nesting” cupcakes, to the favors I’m about to show you, nests, birds and eggs provide a pretty background to a springtime shower.

DIY Nesting Baby Shower Favor

Elements for a Nesting Baby Shower Favor on

What you’ll need to create this favor:

Fill the baby food jars with candy or scrub.

Wrap with wide ribbon cut to fit the circumference of the jar. Leave a little room for overlap so you can fold the exposed end of the ribbon under for a cleaner edge. Use hot glue to attach the ribbon to the jar, and then the overlapping section of ribbon to the section below. Just a dot of glue on the jar under where the seam of the ribbon will be, and then again in the same area attaching the ribbon completely, will keep the ribbon on the jar.

Ribbon folded under

If you like, make a cute label for the top of the jar lid. 1 2/3″ circle labels fit typical baby jar lids just right. If you don’t want to go the label route, you can just leave the lids as is, or paint them a solid color. You can even use chalkboard paint, then write or draw something cute on each lid.

Baby Jar in Nesting Favor on theprettyguineapig

Once these steps are done, you just assemble the moss, jar, nest, candy, and spoon in the bag however you see fit. Tie it shut with ribbon. Here is what our favors looked like:

DIY Nesting Baby Shower Favor on theprettyguineapig

Super cute, right? They were a big hit. We had about 35 to make, so it made it much easier with an assembly line of girls pitching in to create them. But if you’re throwing a shower with 10 to 12 ladies attending, you should be able to tackle this project in an evening.

And then you can reward yourself with some leftover chocolate eggs!

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