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Pretty Things: Earth Day Edition

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Earth is a pretty amazing planet. It’s very easy to walk over it’s surface, day after day, and forget how miraculous it truly is. As creatures living on it have done some very cool (and very heinous) things. A lot of what colors our day to day lives were created by humans. Buildings, lighting, park spaces… but take all those away, and the earth is still stunning.

Fashion and design have always taken their cues from nature. It’s really the only thing we have available to us to take cues from. So this earth day here are a few stylish pieces inspired by the beauty of our planet, and a few products that are better for the planet, and for you!


Real Leaf Earrings by VillaSorgenfrei Р$29.90 (plus $5 shipping)

Real Leaf Earrings on

These beautiful real pressed leaf earrings are sold by an Etsy dealer in Germany, but according to her Etsy shop it’s less than 5 US dollars to ship from her shop. These earrings are a great example of how beautiful the architecture in nature can be.


Topshop¬†‘Roar Tiger’ Ankle Strap Sandal – $85

TopShop 'Roar Tiger' Sandal on theprettyguineapig

The popularity of animal prints come and go, but global and tribal looks are on the upswing this year, and animal prints always mesh well with those looks. Can’t say we’ve ever seen a green tiger with spots though.


Patagonia Boucau Bikini Top – $55

Patagonia Boucau Bikini Top on

Not only is this reef inspired bikini top fashionable, you can feel good about buying it through REI and supporting Patagonia. Both retail giants are known for utilizing business practices that take the health of our planet into account. If you like the top, here are some bottoms to go with it.


B&D Cross Body Handbag – $26.10 (plus $8.50 shipping)

B&D Cross body handbag on

We have absolutely no idea what makes this bag “Eco friendly”, but it claims to be. There are only a few reviews on the product, but all fairly good. Wondering if this is an instance that a retailer took liberties using the eco-friendly term?


Reusable Paper Towel Set – $45

Reusable paper towel set on

Rather than taking a cue from nature, these might just help it out. The convenience of a roll, but the eco-friendly feature of being reusable over and over again. Some people think of the best things! You can purchase these from TheTailoredHome on Etsy.


Boscia Tsubaki Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask – $34

BOSCIA Deep Hydration Sleeping Mask on theprettyguineapig

Formulated without parabens, sulfates, and phthalates, this nightime mask uses lots of natural ingredients to get you back to having baby soft skin on your face.


Diaper Wetbag – $16.76

Diaper Wetbag from InspiredStitchery on

New mom? Swim a lot? In either instance, this lined wetbag from Etsy shop InspiredStitchery will reduce your need for plastic bags for wet storage transport. And this Etsy shop is brimming with fun products to help you reduce waste!


Sea Urchin Eco Throw Pillow Cover – $21.99

Sea Urchin Eco Decorative Throw Pillow Cover on

We love how modern this sea urchin graphic looks, and the pillow case itself is made in the USA of GOTS organic cotton. Plus the ink is water based and environmentally friendly. Sold through Amazon. You can easily find pillow inserts to fit this case through Amazon as well, or at any large craft store.

Take the time today to step outside (or open a window if it’s raining), take a deep breath, and appreciate the natural beauty that is everywhere around us.

Author: Sarah

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