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DIY Paper Pom Pom Success!

You may remember that about 5 weeks ago I tried my hand at a DIY paper pom pom, and failed miserably. This was how my sad attempt turned out:

Toll the bells, we have a pom pom down / theprettyguineapig.comToll the bells, we have a pom pom down.

Well I’m happy to report that after another attempt, with the help and advice from a friend (thanks Tara!), I got my pom pom legs under me, and am now a pro at making these things!

Pretty paper pom poms on

Here are the realized errors of my ways…

I used too big of sheets of tissue paper

For the new and improved pom pom’s I cut the standard size tissue paper I used originally in half. Unless you want a really massive pom pom, you only need half the length of standard sheets of tissue. If you do want a massive pom pom, you should use several layers of tissue, probably around 20. Which leads me to my next error and fix.

I didn’t use enough tissue paper

In order to get a good fluffy pom pom you need to heavy up on the tissue paper. The tutorial I found online called for 6-10 sheets, but I think 10-12 is better. It makes the pom pom denser.

I folded the paper the wrong direction

When reading the directions for the first pom pom I made that didn’t turn out so well, I mixed up height and width, and made the accordion fold with the longer edges of the tissue starting the bottom of my fold. This was incorrect. The longer edges should run vertically in front of you when you have the tissue laid out, and the shorter edges should run horizontally.

Pom Pom folding direction on theprettyguineapig.comMake the accordion fold starting with the shorter side of your rectangle of tissue.

The entire purpose of making these pom pom’s was for decoration at a baby shower for a friend this past Sunday. I think they turned out pretty darn good!

Paper Pom Pom Baby Shower Decoration on theprettyguineapig.comPom Pom’s hanging above the brunch buffet.

Shower pom pom's on theprettyguineapig.comPaper pom pom’s comprised the “clouds” for a shower backdrop.

 I’m glad to say I can now make a paper pom pom’s with confidence. If only I could harness that in everything I tackle! One step at a time.

Author: Sarah

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