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10 stylish ways to blow your tax refund

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So you’re getting a fat tax refund check back this year? Lucky you. We all know that we should be smart with our refunds. Put it into savings, pay down credit card debt, spend it on home or car repairs. But say you had the ability to just blow it. How fun would it be to have several hundred, if not thousands of dollars just burning a hole in your pocket? Kind of like Walter White and Jesse Pinkman (yes, I’m still obsessed with and watching Breaking Bad. You can expect these references to go on for at least a month longer). We’re going to daydream here today on The Pretty Guinea Pig, and look at 10 stylish ways to blow your tax refund. Let the ridiculous commence.


Christian Louboutin Mixed Peekaboo Slingback Pump – $845

Christian Louboutin Mixed Peekaboo Slingback Pump on

Since this is purely fantasy, we’re going to pretend we can wear 4″ spiked heels without feeling like we need a knee AND hip replacement at the end of the day. In the words of Carey Bradshaw, “Hello lover”.


Burberry Prorsum Textured Leather Tote – $1,795

Burberry Textured Leather Tote on

A black tote is a wardrobe staple for many a girl. This one’s only, you know, $1,800. To pay a few months’ rent, or buy an incredible handbag? We don’t blame you if you immediately chose the later.


Cédric Charlier Twist-front piqué skirt – $760

CÉDRIC CHARLIER Twist Front Pique Skirt on

That vibrant green is such a great color for spring and summer. The twist adds some very cool architecture to this skirt.


Oscar de la Renta Swarovski Crystal & Resin Leaf Necklace – $995

Oscar de la Renta Swarovski crystal and resin leaf necklace on

We couldn’t pass up the vivid blues in this piece from Oscar de la Renta. Can you imagine the compliments you’d get on this thing?!?


Dr. Sebagh Supreme Maintenance Youth Serum – $400

DR. SEBAGH Supremem Maintenance Youth Serum

Just because you can.


Michael Kors  Golden Stainless Steel Camille Watch – $550

Michael Kors Golden Stainless Steel Camille Watch on

If you’re standing out in the sun and someone asks you for the time, as you twist your wrist to look at your blingy watch just be careful not to blind them (or yourself!).


Notte by Marchesa Sleeveless Organza Cocktail Dress – $645

Notte by Marchesa Sleeveless Organza Cocktail Dress on

How fun would it be to have a dress like this in your closet you could go to when you really wanted to knock their socks off?


Balmain Washed Cotton Denim Biker Jeans – $1,435

Balmain Biker Jeans on theprettyguineapig

For that price these better fit LIKE A GLOVE. Why do I get the feeling you’d have to have the hips of a tween to make these work? Oh well. We love the unique styling of these jeans.


Christian Louboutin Sweet Charity Mini Shoulder Bag – $1,395

Christian Louboutin Sweet Charity Mini Shoulder Bag on

An itty bitty thing that makes a big statement. This is pure decadence encapsulated in a tiny purse.


Valentino Leather Rockstud Cage Flats – $895

Valentino Leather Rockstud Cage Flats on

We’re ending with a “pretty princess meets her long lost goth sister” flat. This shoe is also available in cognac and navy, but we found the pink most striking. Turns out everyone else has too, because they’re all but sold out at Saks. Looks like a lot of you already got your refund back!



Mason Michel Heidi Veiled Lace Headband – $500

Mason Michel Heidi Veiled Lace Headband on

“This delicate lace headband is fitted with bendable, wire rabbit ears and an eyelash-trimmed veil – wear yours to add a couture feel to evening ensembles.” WTF?

So I learned something on my little journey into the world of high priced fashion. There is some weird sh*t out there. Like this. And this. Tread carefully ladies.

Author: Sarah

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