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TPGP Review: Egyptian Magic Skin Cream

Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream – $30.99 via Amazon

When a product becomes a darling of Hollywood, it’s hard not to take notice. Truth be told, my oblivious self actually stumbled upon Egyptian Magic by chance, and only after using it became aware of the fact that it’s all the rage.

My glamorous experience discovering this beauty secret of all the stars? A flippin’ busy-ass Saturday afternoon at Costco. Classy. Between the crowded table of EcoDrink samples and a screaming 4 year old, I came across this skin balm. My husband and I were out of night cream (yes, we often share) , and when I saw Egyptian Magic and read the 6 natural ingredients on the front of the packaging I decided to give it a try. Who wouldn’t want to put bee vomit on their face? THAT IS WHAT HONEY IS PEOPLE!

I want my Egyptian Magicclick on photo for credit

Fast forward several months later, and I love this stuff. We’ll get to why in a bit, but here’s my initial experience with Egyptian Magic.

First off–the smell. Not good. Not bad, but not good. It smells very earthy. It reminds me of the smell of a beeswax candle, but without any of the sweet honey tang. It’s not a scent that sticks, it dissipates quickly, but you won’t look forward to the scent of this everyday (as you would with your favorite scented lotion, or a face cream like Caudalie or Lancome). So there’s that. It did turn me off for a short while from this product, but that didn’t last long.

Egyptian Magic Cream on

The cream itself kind of looks like Vaseline, but much more opaque. The idea is to get a glop of the stuff (pea size), emulsify between your hands, and then smooth and massage into skin. It doesn’t instantly absorb, so you are left with a greasy after feel, but that doesn’t last for more than 5 minutes.

I’ve found that I don’t necessarily love using it on my face. If I have a dry patch, yes. And around the eyes, absolutely. But it sat heavy in the pores on my nose, so I’ve been steering clear of using it on my most porous areas.

Egyptian Magic and Honey /

Minus the pores, this stuff is great. Over the winter I developed really itchy skin on my belly. After a few days of applying Egyptian Magic after the shower and again before bed to my trunk, the itchiness subsided dramatically. I also started using Egyptian Magic on the backs of my arms after I ran out of my beloved Bio-Oil (another great skincare product!), and the skin there has been just as, if not even softer, than it was before.

Egyptian Magic has also been doing a bang up job on my feet, smoothing the rough skin on my heels and callouses on my toes. I’m curious to see how it performs once sandal season hits. But we’ll leave that for another post.

I’d recommend this product. $30 is a lot for a 4 oz pot, but a little goes a long way. Plus, all the ingredients are natural. That’s hard to find in our chemical obsessed cosmetic world. If you’re curious, give it a shot. I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

A review of Egyptian Magic Cream on

Author: Sarah

A self educated health enthusiast, I love geeking out on the latest information on healthy eating and exercise. Although this may happen while drinking a glass of wine...

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  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    i brought it, i’m a products junkie so i’ll try anything new at least once…it’s nice & i like the fact that it’s natural but i don’t think it’s worth price don’t see any real improvment in my skin from using it vs. plain ol vaseline.

  • Sarah

    Thanks for chiming in Taneesha!