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DIY Paper Pom Pom…. FAIL

I’m going to share a dirty little secret with you. Around these parts, Beth is the DIY adventurer. Truth be told, I fall into the “pay someone else that already knows how to do it” camp. But, I’ve been trying to find my DIY sea legs and give a few projects a try. A friend of mine, throwing a party soon, mentioned that she needed some paper pom poms for decor.

“Why not let me give it a shot?”

Well, you’ll see why. I have some ideas about what went wrong, but we’ll get to that later. First, here’s a step by step layout of how these paper pom poms are made.

First you’ll need:

Papper Pom Pom neccessities

The process of constructing a paper pom pom is extremely easy. It only takes minutes.

Tissue Paper

Layer 6 to 10 sheets of tissue paper together. You can get as creative as you want, mixing colors and patterns. Or just use white paper if you are going for a classic look for an event like a wedding.

Tissue layered

Once your sheets are layered, start folding your tissue accordion style. The instructions I used said to fold the paper width wise. I did about a 2 inch fold. If you’re a perfectionist, know that you’ll have to let some of that go if you want to get this process done quickly. It’s challenging to fold multiple pieces of tissue paper at once and keep them perfectly in line. They like to slide around and adjust.

Tissue folder accordian style

Once you’ve finished your accordion fold, it’s time to secure the center of the paper. You can use florists wire, but I had some pipe cleaner I decided to give a try, and it seemed to do the trick. A friend of mine told me that she’s used staples, but it’s a lot of paper to staple through.

Tissue secured with pipe cleaner

After securing the paper, if you plan to hang the pom pom, tie the ribbon you’ll use to hang it to the wire in the center. If you stapled the paper, just tie the ribbon around the center of the paper. You can hold it in place with a piece of tape.

Ribbon for hanging pom pom

To create decorative ends, just taper the paper off on the ends before you fluff the pom pom up.

Timmed tissue ends

Now, time to fluff your beautiful pom pom!

Fluffing tissue

Final pom pom

Uh, my pom pom didn’t fluff so evenly.

Mis-shapen pom pom

What went wrong?!? Well, first off, I think I started too big. I feel like I should have cut my tissue in half and made a smaller pom pom. Secondly, I only used 8 pieces of tissue. I think I could have used more, it would have fluffed up better.

I’m not giving up, I want to make a better pom pom! Any tips from out there in reader-land?

Author: Sarah

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