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Pretty Things: Picture Polish Blogger Nail Polish

I’m like an animal when it comes to glitter–oooohhhh, bright shiny object, what could it be!?! It’s no surprise, then, that I love the color Blogger by small nail polish brand Picture Polish. Color is perhaps a misnomer, as this has no color, but is instead a super thick collection of multi-colored glitter suspended in clear polish. It’s so thick that you apply 2-3 layers and get total opacity (and blinding glittery glory) on the nail. I use it for accent nails and gradients to add a little something special to my manicure.

Picture Polish Blogger Nail Polish on

Here I’m wearing 3 coats of Essie Wicked, a deep burgundy, on my other fingers, and 1 coat of the same on my ringer finger, then topped with 2 light coats of Blogger. The coats are more like dabs of the polish, since that’s the easiest way to get equal coverage on the nail. It’s a little surprise in an otherwise basic manicure.

Essie Wicked Nail Polish on

If you aren’t familiar with super-packed glitter polishes, know that it will take a little bit of work to remove the polish when you’re done with it (just one more reason that I never paint all my nails with glitter, and only use it for accents). I find the foil method to be most effective for removal. Anyone else oddly attracted to glitter nail polish?

Author: Beth

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