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Links We Love 02/14/14


From Vogue, florists recreate famous paintings of flowers–such a beautiful, fun idea.

I LOVE a Shirley Temple mocktail. Really I love anything with grenadine in it. Domaine shares some updates to the old standard.

Here’s a freeĀ Valentine Printables extravaganza provided by Oh The Lovely Things.

Valentine Printables gathered by

Some products MUST be labeled for men or women only. It’s really important. What if a man accidentally used”Pretty in Pink” earplugs? What if a woman accidentally drank Miller Lite instead of “Chick Beer”? We don’t even want to know.


Lots of fun manicures coming out lately–maybe it’s the way people are dealing with the polar vortex? Digging this sequined look from Paulina’s Passions and this Northern Lights beauty from Liquid Jelly.

The Beauty Department gives us the skinny on what type of brush should be used for what purpose. I never knew there was such a thing as a “teasing brush.” Wonder if it’s worth the buy (instead of using a regular brush or comb)–anyone own one of these?

An interesting article from Yahoo! Shine on how diet affects your skin. I think this is proof of the last point about how a neck and face that is too thin ages a girl.


JaderBomb shares ideas for making magnets, suction cups, and paperclips with pre-fab paper flowers.

Well here’s a fun way to light up a room.

DIY Aluminum Drum Lamp


Vogue paired famous quotes from fashion icons with photos from Westminster in a slideshow. Pretty entertaining.

If you haven’t seen these segments from Buzzfeed where dudes guess how much things like cosmetics and women’s clothing costs, they’re really entertaining:

Find all things Fashion Week at The Huffington Post.

Enjoy your Valentine weekend!

Author: Beth

Writer, blogger, basset-hound walker. Beth is a connoisseur of nachos and holiday films. She loves books, sidecars, costume jewelry, and people with a quirky sense of humor.

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