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TPGP Review: Le Edge Exfoliator

As I’ve started to advance into my late thirties, I’ve notice that my skin is starting to look a little weathered. Sound familiar? There just seems to be a dullness that wasn’t there before. After years of use, this pelt of mine has seen better days. The best way I can think of to get back that “youthful glow” is through exfoliation. There are lots of options out there; scrubs, chemicals, microdermabrasion. And another option, one that I had not seen before, showed up in my latest Mystery Beauty Box.

Le Edge is a dull stainless steel blade, placed in the handle of what looks like a very wide razor. I had not seen this product before, and of course was intrigued by this unique way to exfoliate. Here’s the 411 from

Improve the appearance of your skin with the innovative Le Edge exfoliation tool. Instead of using chemicals or scrubbing agents, Le Edge removes dead skin and debris with a safe and effective surgical stainless steel edge, leaving your skin looking clearer, smoother and younger. Designed to be used on wet skin anywhere on the body, it features an ergonomic non-slip handle for comfortable resurfacing in the bath or shower.

How effective is this product?

The first time using Le Edge, I wasn’t sure if it was actually doing anything. Proof is in the pudding, or in this case, the dead skin cells collected by the blade. I know, gross, but that’s what exfoliation is all about! As I used Le Edge over different parts of my body, I kept looking for a gathering of skin under the blade.

By the way the blade itself is dull. You can’t cut yourself with it.

A review of Le Edge Exfoliator on

So away I exfoliated, on my legs, low back, stomach, and I’m not really seeing anything. Hmm, maybe under my arms… VoilĂ ! I started to see the product work. Makes sense though, as it’s easy to build anti-persperant up in this area. One of the benefits Le Edge claims is helping to avoid in-grown hairs. I’ve not been using it long enough to validate that claim, but I hope it holds true.

Next I moved onto my neck and–what the hell! This is where I had the most dead skin build up under the blade. This surprised me, as my neck is included in my facial routine, and exfoliation is part of that routine. But after I thought about it, it kind of made sense. The moisturizer I use on my face also goes on my neck, and that stuff can build up.

I also saw some skin removal on my face. With dry winter air, it’s not uncommon for my facial skin to get dry and peel every few weeks, especially on and around my nose. Le Edge removed it, no problem.

If you have SUPER sensitive skin, Le Edge might be a little uncomfortable to use. It scratches a bit gliding over your skin. It felt good to me, especially in areas that get itchy and dry this time of year, like my abdomen. I haven’t seen any ill effects or reactions on my skin at all from using Le Edge.

Bottom line: I like this exfoliator. It’s easy to use, and very convenient since you can just use and keep it in the shower without having to worry about it rusting. I wouldn’t have picked it up on my own, especially at the price ($26), but having received it I’m glad I have it, and plan to use it on a regular basis. (FYI, currently has the blue-handled version for $6.99, plus shipping.)

Author: Sarah

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