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Pretty Things: Statement Necklaces

Do the doldrums of winter have you down in the dumps? And because of this, do you find yourself dressing to match that dreary mood? Time to break out of it my friend. It might be too cold to wear your spring duds as of yet, but you can add some color and sparkle to any outfit with a great statement necklace. All it takes is a button up shirt, a pair of jeans, and a pretty necklace.

Banana Republic has some beauties at 40% off with code BRSAVE40 at checkout, but the code ends today (1/20/14). Codes are pretty common place with Banana Republic, so don’t fret if you miss out on this one. Give it a week or so, the savings will be back. Onto some pretty picks…

Poppy Statement Necklace – $41.70 ($69.50)

BR Poppy Statement Necklace on

A colorful take on pavé, this beautiful statement necklace comes in three color options. Plus, you can get the matching studs if you want to make it a set.


Aqua Ombre Necklace – $47.70 ($79.50)

BR Aqua Ombre Necklace on

A little sparkle and a lot of blue. This necklace would look so pretty with so many different colors. If you have blue eyes, this is a perfect way to set them off.


Petite Floral Necklace – $35.70 ($59.50)

BR Petite Floral Necklace on

Love the way that rope chain gives this necklace a slightly industrial look, yet the baubles are delicate. Available in 4 color/metal schemes.


Blue Crush Statement Necklace – $47.40 ($79.50)

BR Blue Crush Statement Necklace on

If geometric modern speaks to you, here’s your necklace (as long as you like blue). Fun and funky, but easily wearable in an office setting. If this is too big for you, but you like the look , consider the delicate version (as a petite girl, I prefer it).


Tutti Frutti Bauble Necklace – $47.40 ($79.50)

BR Tutti Frutti Bauble Necklace on

Deco and tribal, and a whole lot of fun. Available in 3 colors.


Pearl Caps Necklace – $58.80 ($98)

BR Pearl Caps Necklace on

Get your (faux) pearl on with this bright necklace. Fair warning though, I guess this girl is really big, and quite heavy. The petite woman that left a review on the BR site said her neck couldn’t handle the weight. If you’re not used to wearing statement necklaces, skip this one. Regardless, it’s lots of fun to ogle!


Milk and Honey Statement Necklace – $47.40 ($79.50)

Milk and Honey Statement Necklace on

We’ll leave off with this feminine bauble. Victorian meets modern, and it makes for a stunning look.

Author: Sarah

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