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Repurposing Christmas Cards

Can you believe Christmas has come and gone, once again? Hopefully you were put on the nice list and received a few presents that made your holidays a touch brighter. But now, time to un-deck the halls, toss the tinsel, and recycle all those Christmas cards. But wait!  Not so fast with the cards.

Reuse bits and pieces of Christmas cards as gift toppers next year.

 Sorry aunt Cathy, had to chop up your card – but for good reason!

Unless a comet hits, the zombie apocalypse happens, or an end of the world prediction finally comes through, Christmas will be back. Those Christmas cards, or at least pieces of them, can be repurposed as festive gift toppers next year. Combine with either neutral craft paper, or a complimenting printed wrapping paper, some ribbons and bows, and you’ll be the one gifting those presents nobody wants to unwrap because they’re so pretty!

Reusable Christmas Card pieces on

Kind of makes me excited to wrap gifts next year!

Author: Sarah

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