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DIY Wrapping Paper

I seem to end up with a lot of tissue paper–from stuffing in gift bags, or items ordered online that arrive wrapped in it. When the paper is in good condition, it seems a waste to toss it so I usually put it aside for crafting or re-wrapping later on. Here’s a tutorial for easy DIY wrapping paper using tissue paper and homemade stamps.

You’ll need:

  • craft foam (use a thicker foam for easier stamping)
  • cardboard/wood blocks, etc (see Step 2)
  • Exacto knife and cutting surface
  • glue
  • ink pads
  • tissue paper

Step 1: Draw the outline of the images you want to stamp onto the craft foam. Pick simple, easy-to-recognize images. If you’re terrible at freehanding, print out pictures from online and trace onto your foam. In my family, we give each other’s pets gifts at the holidays (cuckoo!) so in this example I used dog-themed images (a bone and a paw print) for the tissue paper in a doggie gift.


Step 2:  Cut out the images using an Exacto knife. Glue the foam pieces to a stable surface (use simple crafting glue, nothing that might disintegrate the foam). Here I’m using cardboard from some packaging I was going to recycle. You can use scrap wood instead, or I’ve even used the lid to an old tea tin. Look around your house–I bet you’ll find something that can serve as the base for your stamp.


Step 3: Let the glue set for ten minutes or so. Now you’re ready to stamp. Press the stamp to the ink pad rapidly, making a blotting motion. Your stamps aren’t going to create perfect, consistent images–because you’re using foam some of the images will end up darker than others, depending on how much ink the foam absorbs. That’s okay! Part of the fun and beauty of DIY projects is that imperfection.

DIY Stamps on

DIY stamped paper on

I used a random smattering to create my pattern. Then I let the ink dry for another ten minutes, then stuffed it into the doggie gift bag.

DIY tissue paper on

And it’s as easy as that. I especially love this DIY because it uses a lot of items I already had at home, and it makes use of materials (tissue paper, cardboard) that would otherwise end up in the recycling bin. Happy crafting!

Author: Beth

Writer, blogger, basset-hound walker. Beth is a connoisseur of nachos and holiday films. She loves books, sidecars, costume jewelry, and people with a quirky sense of humor.

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