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Shopping for Her – High End Skincare

An excerpt of an email from a reader named Jamison–

I’ve been following you guys for a while now when trying to come up with some gift ideas for my fiance.  She is not the type to really splurge (or even spend that much) on “beauty” related products.  Purses, dresses, jewelry and other stuff like that are easy.  But I’d like to buy her some gifts this Christmas that fall into the “beauty” category and make her feel a little pampered.  With all the products that you review, i’m not really sure where to start (from Emu Oil to Skin care systems it is all a bit confusing).

Jamison, you’re a smart man. Rather than trying to navigate the choppy waters of women’s skincare all on your own, you reached out to a couple ladies. Always a good idea if you’re not an expert in the field of the gift you want to give.

According to your email you’re also willing to drop a good chunk of change on said beauty products. I’m sure the ladies are wondering if you have any brothers.

First things first, it might be a good idea to look at your fiance’s current facewash/lotion/cream she uses to see if it has any wording about what skin type it’s for. If it says “for oily skin”, then she’s trying to mop some oil up. “Combination skin” ranges from dry to oily in different areas. I’m going to stick with normal to sensitive skin picks, but just about any skin care company will offer a product for any skin type.

One other suggestion before we go shopping, you could purchase a travel kit or gift set (which we’ll stick to), rather than a full sized skincare regimen, just in case she doesn’t like the product. Either way you go though, this is a great gift idea for the woman in your life. Well done!

Onto some picks…

Caudalie Vinexpert Resveratrol Lift & Firm Set – $88

Caudalie Vinexpert Resveratrol Lift & Firm Set on

What girl wouldn’t want face cream from Paris? Caudalie is a high end French Skincare company. The products are luxurious, smell lovely, and can get pretty pricey. I’ve not used any of the vine expert products that are in this set, but I have used “Premier Cru The Cream”. Heavenly. You can always pair “Premier Cru The Cream” with “Premier Cru The Eye Cream“. Trè Chic!


Clarasonic Aria Anti-Aging Collection – $199

Clarasonic Aria Anti Aging Collection on

Clarasonic is a really popular gentle exfoliating system (just check out the comments on the product page). This particular set comes with some extra goodies, like an eye balm, night cream, and day cream. Plus it comes with the LUXE Cashmere Cleanse High Performance Facial Brush Head . Sounds fancy!


Lancome & Clarasonic High Performance Skincare Set – $207

Lancome & Clarasonic Set on

Kick that Clarasonic kit up a notch with some pretty posh products from Lancôme. I’ve only tried Visionnaire, and it’s a nice serum. I bet the system in it’s entirety would get some pretty stunning results as far as facial skin goes.


Juice Beauty Winter Ready Skin Set – $99

Juice Beauty Winter Ready Skin Set on

Jamison, if your fiance leans more natural and organic with her regular skincare, Juice Beauty will be a good bet. Juice Beauty keeps their ingredients really clean, and they’ve become known in the industry as a go to for natural skincare. The set above includes some of the best of their line.


Kate Sommerville Totally Nourished Duo – $120

Kate Sommerville Totally Nourished Duo on

PRICEY for a couple tubes of moisturizer, but Kate Sommerville is part of the magical land full of rich and beautiful people we know better as Beverly Hills. You pay a lot for the product, but I’m assuming you get results, because Kate Sommerville is very successful. You know, successful as in being able to charge $500  for a repair cream and serum successful.


Estée Lauder Skincare Repair Set – $65

Estée Lauder Skincare Repair Set on

No matter the age, every women would like to get rid of the scars acne can leave behind. The Skintone Illuminator in this set will do just that, or at least it will lighten scars up. They moisturizer and eye cream are a bonus.


Ole Henriksen Three Little Wonders – $70

Ole Henriksen Three Little Wonders on

Another Beverly Hills success story, Ole Henriksen opened his first shop in 1975, and the rest is glowing and unwrinkled history. These three products are some of his most popular. If you want to give the full experience, consider including the Sheer Transformation Creme with this kit if you gift it.

Jamison, hopefully we’ve steered you in the right direction. TPGP readers, if you have any suggestions for Jamison on great skincare products, cosmetics, or perfumes please help a guy out and share them in the comments!

Author: Sarah

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