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TPGP Review: One Love Organics Skin Savior Balm

My skin has taken a turn for the worst this past fall and now winter. It’s not breaking out, but it’s dry, dry, dry. Dry five minutes after I put on moisturizer, dry in the middle of the day, dry in the evening. Boo. During the Thanksgiving holiday, one of the blogs I read, Beauty Bets, mentioned a sale on One Love Organics, a skin care line by Elizabeth Dehn, who is also the Beauty Bets blogger. Taking advantage of the sale, I ordered the line’s best-selling product, Skin Savior Waterless Beauty Balm. Here’s the claim:

Pure, cold-pressed plant oils, rich mango butter, and three super-critical extracts break down dirt and makeup, cleansing your skin, without stripping its natural protective layer. And you can use the very same balm for moisturizing, illuminizing, hair taming and creating your own custom treatment foundation.

You can use it to cleanse your face by applying and then wiping away with a dry towel; you can use it to moisturize clean skin; you can use it as a pomade to smooth hair; you can mix it with face powder to create foundation. If you have oily skin, I think the first use–as a cleanser–would work well. Basically you’re using the oils in the balm to attract and then remove the excess oils in the face. This is usually how oil cleansers work. But if you have dry skin, you can use this as a moisturizer that you leave on your face, which is what I did. I also applied my normal moisturizer with sunscreen underneath the balm, since the balm doesn’t have SPF.

One Love Organics Balm from

This is a really good product. It didn’t irritate my skin or make my skin break out. It’s very emollient (it has the consistency of lip balm or cuticle balm) without feeling overly heavy on the skin (I applied every morning after the shower). Foundation and makeup applies perfectly on top of it. A little goes a long way so you’re getting a good value for your dollar. Only one caveat: IF you have skin that’s sensitive to fragrance, you probably want to skip this product. It has a citrusy scent that might irritate your skin.┬áThere are two sizes available, one for $39; one for $68. I went with the smaller size and I’ve hardly made a dent several weeks later.

Bottom Line: A nice product with lots of healthy ingredients that really moisturize dry skin. I definitely recommend for others, and I’ll continue to use this balm myself over the winter.

Author: Beth

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