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Quick Christmas Decor

I know I can’t be the only one that, for some reason, has precious cupboard space (I live in a small house, with a small kitchen) dedicated to far more glass vases than I ever need at one time. Yet for reasons unknown to me I keep them. Well, it looks like their time has come. See the light of day, little vases, and help me display some pretty decorations for the season!

So this is as easy as it gets. Ready? Put some ornaments in the clear glass vases you have squirreled away in your cupboards. Your mind was just blown, right? I’ll give you a moment…

Easy Holiday Decor

But use shatterproof ornaments. Why shatterproof? You don’t want glass ornaments breaking on you when you drop them into the vases. I suppose you could gingerly roll the ornaments into the vases, but shatterproof is easier all around. The color scheme, shape, and size of the ornaments is up to you.

Perhaps you already have an abundance of superfluous ornaments already in your collection? If not, you’re in luck, because you can get them on the cheap right now. Lots of retailers want to get rid of as many as possible, so they mark them down a fair amount from their inflated “retail” price. I bough all the ornaments seen above for $13. You can find sets of shatterproof ornaments for palatable prices at TargetAmazon, Kohl’s, and Walmart.

Use this super quick decor idea to place some holiday cheer around your house, perhaps in uncommon areas like a guest bathroom. Or group all the vases together for a festive centerpiece on a dining table. Piece of cake!

Author: Sarah

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