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Drink a Big Glass of Water

When I was a kid and I complained to my dad that my tummy hurt, I had a headache, I didn’t feel good, I was getting a cold, his response was usually the same: go drink a big glass of water. I was never impressed with that answer–surely there must be something seriously wrong with me. But as an adult, this is the solution I most often turn to when something doesn’t feel right. Dehydration has a lot of symptoms, so it makes sense to try something that’s good for you anyway, to try and fix it. Nine times out of ten, it does. Here’s a list (slightly tongue-in-cheek?) of times you should drink a big glass of water:

  1. you have a splitting headache
  2. you’re trying to avoid eating a second piece of German chocolate cake
  3. before, during, and after any kind of physical activity
  4. your other half’s mother starts talking about how much she misses his ex
  5. you suddenly feel nauseous
  6. you’ve had three glasses of wine and you’re starting to talk like a Jersey Shore cast member
  7. you’re feeling flushed and overheated
  8. you’re tired but you don’t want to ingest caffeine
  9. someone you despise asks you on a date and you need a few moments to think of a polite response
  10. you have stomach cramps
  11. you’re feeling flustered or upset
  12. your skins been dry–hydrating from the inside is much more effective than applying moisturizer on the outside
  13. the night after you attempt to relive Spring Break 2002 with your girlfriends from college

Water–drink it! It’s good for ya.

Author: Beth

Writer, blogger, basset-hound walker. Beth is a connoisseur of nachos and holiday films. She loves books, sidecars, costume jewelry, and people with a quirky sense of humor.

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