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Pretty Things: Holiday Dresses

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One week people. One week until we stuff ourselves full of roasted bird and mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie. Then we move on to the glitzy glam of Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties. How does this creep up on us so quickly every year? Anyway, I stumbled across a few really beautiful dresses that are PERFECT for holiday parties at Piperlime last week. Even if you don’t need to buy a dress, they’re just pretty to look at. And if you are in the market for a dress? Piperlime ships and returns for free, so no fear about ordering from them. And best yet, these are from their “Girl On A Budget” section, so there’s nothing over $100. And by the way, chicken legs ARE NOT required for these dresses, despite what the pictures would have you believe. If you have some chunk on your legs that you feel the need to cover, just wear tights like I do. It’s warmer that way anyway!

Here are a few of the pretties that caught my eye…

Brocade Feather Dress by Tinley Road – $98

Feather Brocade Dress

Paillette Trim Mini by Tinley Road – $69.50-$89

Paillette Trim Mini

Rosalie Lace Dress by Sabine – $98

Rosalie Lace Dress on

Harlow Lace Knit Maxi by Tinley Road – $69

Harlow Lace Knit Maxi on

Penelope Floral Dress by Rhyme Los Angeles – $92

Penelope Floral dress on

Dot Skirt Metallic Dress by Ark & Co. – $98

Ark & Co. Dot Skirt Metallic Dress on

Rosette Dress by┬áPink Martini – $98

Pink Martini Rosette Dress on

Molly Metallic Dress by Ark & Co. – $98

Ark & Co. Molly Metallic Dress on

Here’s to the picture perfect holiday dress!

Author: Sarah

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