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DIY: Easy Fall Centerpiece

Fall Centerpiece

Often times I forego creating any type of centerpiece for gatherings or dinner parties. It’s not that I don’t like them. I’m just usually more concentrated on cleaning my house, preparing food, or rushing to get a decent outfit on. But centerpieces, and decor, can create and set a mood for an event. And they don’t have to be hard or time consuming.

I recently went to a friends house for a dinner party, and asked if I could provide the centerpiece. He was more than willing to oblige, so I went about gathering easy and available elements to create a centerpiece inspired by nature. It was as easy as:

  • Collecting twigs from a local park and sticking them in glass vases.
  • Filling mason jars with leaves from my yard.
  • Purchasing a few small pumpkins from the grocery store.
  • Finding a cloth napkin at a thrift store that worked well with fall colors (found it for $1.35!) to create a base for the centerpiece.
  • Putting a few tea lights in small mason jars (any small glass vessels you have on hand will work, even washed condiment jars.)

Nature provided centerpiece materials

Twigs are everywhere this time of year. Trees are dropping them like Martha drops cookies. They look really elegant, simple, and modern in a clear glass vase, which you probably already have laying around. Leaves lightly placed into mason jars is also a great look. The later we get in the season though, the more of a chance those leaves will just be dry and brittle. You can always use some fake leaves (I bet you can find some at a thrift store), cut some leaf shapes out of colored paper, or even spray paint some leaves if you are so inclined. My friend Erica provided some willow switches spray painted with gold paint, which I wrapped around the centerpiece. Just get creative!

Red Leaves in Jar

I used a cloth napkin as a base for everything to sit on, but you certainly do not have to include one in your creation. Mini pumpkins look festive this time of year, and after you use them in the centerpiece, you can put them in a decorative bowl or plate and set it on your coffee table, or keep it in the center of your dining table through November. Heck, you can even carve your mini pumpkins to be the candle holders of your centerpiece.

Centerpiece lighting

Candles always add great ambiance to a centerpiece, so don’t skip them! Tea lights are cheap, and as long as you have glass vessels wide enough to drop a tea light into (mason jars, condiment jars, small drinking glasses you’re done with ), you can place several lit candles around your centerpiece and set a cozy mood.

Are you creating a centerpiece for a dinner party or Thanksgiving this year? Please feel free to post a pic of your inspiration in the comments or on our Facebook or Google+ pages! 

Author: Sarah

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