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TPGP Review: Dremu Oil

Dremu Oil 100% Pure Emu Oil – $88

Vegans BEWARE.

Years ago, I stumbled across an article about the benefits of emu oil for eczema. I found it very odd, but was intrigued by the fact that the layer of fat from a birds back (I warned you vegans) could be so beneficial for skin. Although I don’t suffer from eczema, I considered purchasing some at the time, just out of curiosity. But, as often tends to happen, life got busy and I forgot about it.

Enter, and the Mystery Beauty Box. In the past 3 shipments I’ve received, they’ve sent along a sample size of Dremu Oil. Of course my interest was immediately peaked, as I had read about the benefits of emu oil in the past. From pain and skin condition relief, to hair loss and balding, this stuff is touted as a miracle elixir. Truth be told, I’m really only interested in the effects it might have on my facial skin as part of my beauty regimen (as I assume a lot of women are!).

Clear Dremu Oil

The serum itself is clear, but becomes cloudy the colder it gets (think olive oil in your fridge). You can easily bring it back to a liquid state by running hot water over the bottle for a few seconds. I must say, when using the samples I was sent to moisturize my face, I was thoroughly impressed with the product. If it lives up to the hype printed on the full sized bottle I ended up purchasing, this super serum should:

  • Rehydrate
  • Penetrate deeply
  • Stimulate collagen, rejuvenating skin
  • Provide a glowing complexion
  • Smooth lips

There are a few drawbacks to the product though:

  • Animals die to harvest it (although high quality oil manufacturers, like Dremu, buy from farmers that treat the birds humanely).
  • Due to the explosion in popularity, farms with less than sanitary conditions have popped up around the world.
  • It can be pretty darn expensive. 1 oz. of Dremu Oil costs $88.

A note on the cost, a little goes a LONG way with this stuff. I won’t be surprised if the ounce I purchased lasts for several (at least 3-4) months, as long as I stick to only using it on my face. If you’ve ever been curious about emu oil but was cautious to buy, I’d recommend trying it out. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. I love it, and I love the fact that it’s an oil that doesn’t clog pores in the least. In fact, my pores look better using it. If you do plan to purchase, here are a few tips I’ve gleamed from poking around the web:

  • Buy triple refined oil. Contaminates can be stored in fat, so you want to be sure the oil you get is pure.
  • Buy it in a glass bottle. Emu oil can break down plastic, releasing chemicals into the oil (nobody wants BPA on their face).
  • Buy oil that comes from free-range, humane farms. This guarantees the birds aren’t feed hormones or antibiotics, which can make their way into the serum.
  • If it seems too cheap, question the source and do your homework.

Dremu meets all these requirements, so if you stick with them, you can buy with confidence.

Have you ever used emu oil? Want to now? Have any good sources for less expensive oils that are still high-grade and pure? Leave it in the comments!

Author: Sarah

A self educated health enthusiast, I love geeking out on the latest information on healthy eating and exercise. Although this may happen while drinking a glass of wine...

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