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DIY Envelopes for Stationary

This is a good project if you meet any of the following requirements 1) you’re bad at crafts 2) you like to write letters (how retro!) 3) you like pretty paper. It’s easy, functional, and nice to look at. I found this tutorial from Autostraddle, and while the idea was good, the directions were a little confusing. Here’s my re-write with photos:

You’ll need:

  • scrapbook paper in complementary colors/patterns (I got mine at Michael’s)
  • cardstock to match scrapbook paper
  • plain envelope
  • writing utensil
  • glue (I used Zip Dry, also from Michael’s, which is especially for paper arts–it dries quickly and doesn’t wrinkle the paper)
  • pair of scissors

1) Take a plain envelope and pull it apart.



2) Place the envelope on top of a sheet of scrapbook paper, with the printed side down. Trace the envelope onto the paper, then cut it out. This is the main body of your envelope, which you’ll eventually fold and glue together.




3) Now, go back to that plain envelope you deconstructed. Cut off the top of it, the part where it folds over and seals.



4)¬†Position it on top of a different piece of scrapbook paper. What you’re making now will be glued to the inside of the top flap of your envelope, so it will be seen when the envelope is opened. Trace the flap onto the scrapbook paper and then cut it out, but cut slightly inside the lines so that the flap you’re creating is a bit smaller than the original (this will create a nice white border when you glue it to the envelope).


Patterned Top Flap


5) Using the deconstructed plain envelope as a guide, make folds in the new envelope. Sparingly apply glue along edges of envelope to make permanent the folds. Glue the patterned flap to the inside of the envelope flap.




6) Pick a complementary piece of cardstock and cut it to fit in the envelope. Now you’ve got your stationary and your decorative envelope!



7) To mail, I glued white rectangles in the “To” and “From” areas so that it would be easier to see the addresses. After writing a letter, I sealed the envelope shut with dots of glue along the flap.


And voila, easy envelopes and stationary for the crafter in you! Special thanks to Autostraddle for originally posting this awesome and simple tutorial.

Author: Beth

Writer, blogger, basset-hound walker. Beth is a connoisseur of nachos and holiday films. She loves books, sidecars, costume jewelry, and people with a quirky sense of humor.

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