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A Smartbrow Review: Part 2

We’ve added an application tip post. Check it out!

A few weeks ago I gave my initial impressions of SmartFX SmartBrow Eyebrow Filler. At the time, I wasn’t quite sure if the product was for me. In my book, it applied heavily, and wasn’t a quick and easy application. But after a few weeks of dedicated application, what’s the verdict?

SmartBrow after workout

Hot & tired, but still have my eyebrows

I’m hooked. After figuring out the best way to apply this product for the results I wanted to achieve, I’ve been using it almost everyday. The picture above shows my brows post:

  • Full day of work
  • 15 minute bike ride in 92 degrees to a circuit training class
  • 50 minute circuit training class that included many burpees, pushups, crunches, squats, and varying weighted exercises
  • 15 minute bike ride in 92 degrees home

SmartBrow also lasted through some lake swimming I did a few weeks ago. I wasn’t constantly swimming underwater, but my face got wet multiple times, and those suckers stayed put.

Application usually takes me around a minute total, unless I accidentally get heavy handed with a brow, which can easily happen. Then it’s to the cleanser gel and a Q-tip to wipe off the mess I made and start again. At least that cleanser gel (included with SmartBrow) instantly takes the stuff off, so it’s a fast process.

There are still days that I use a pencil to quickly fill in, but those brows are quite faded by lunchtime. Not the case with SmartBrow.  If you’re looking for an eyebrow filler that will stay put until you want it gone, look no further than than this product!

Now here’s hoping they never jack the price up to it’s full retail of $61.  Ouch!

Author: Sarah

A self educated health enthusiast, I love geeking out on the latest information on healthy eating and exercise. Although this may happen while drinking a glass of wine...

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  • Danyll

    Groupon sells the product for $14.95. I love the stuff. I have tried many eyebrow products and this is the truth for me.